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Monday, March 31, 2014


Jan 01, 2014
Since the most recent nonsense from the NYT, once again rehashing that absurd video they still claim was responsible for Benghazi, we have exchanged several comments and in regard to his latest thoughts I began a reply ...
Jan 01, 2014
If I did not understand the radical tactics of Saul Alinsky and his left wing followers I would be asking myself why, after all this time and all that we have learned about Benghazi, would any reporter once again rehash an old lie ...

May 19, 2013
Today, the hottest news items are the Benghazi hearings, the IRS scandal, and the MSM being mad as hell at Obama (Temporarily I might add) about some of his tactics in regard to them, his loyal lap dogs. I must admit that I am not overly ...
Nov 03, 2012
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton referred to the SNAFU of Benghazi as being the result of the "Fog of War". It was not. It is the result of the fog and smoke generated by Team Obama in an effort to distract from the real agenda ...
Nov 15, 2012
In a collection of recent essays I have made the case the real issue of Benghazi has been overlooked and what we are hearing is in some cases a smoke screen and in some the fact that the media simply has not connected the dots. The real ...
May 16, 2013
So many are comparing Watergate and Benghazi and the similarities are actually very few. No one died at Watergate. Four died and many more wounded in Benghazi. Nixon initially had nothing to do with Watergate. He only got involved in ...

Nov 01, 2012
So very much is being written about the Benghazi narrative, so much attention focused on the issue, and so little is known. Many facts are emerging but none grasp the full agenda, and so on and on, bloggers continue writing ...
Oct 26, 2012
Nothing about Benghazi makes any sense at all unless you consider that there were two separate agendas in play. One enacted by the CIA and still another by the Obama administration and the U.S. State Department.
Jun 05, 2013
A great mystery surrounds events that transpired in Benghazi on 911, 2012, and that mystery will probably never be solved, or if already solved, will never be accepted. Twenty five hundred years ago Aeschylus observed that ...
Oct 30, 2012
There is so much information emerging now about the Benghazi debacle and so many are publishing their own explanation of events. I am no exception, but like to think that while others see only the trees immediately before ...

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