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Monday, March 31, 2014


Front Page Mag ... May 1, 2014
Rebranding Common Core

Breitbart ... April 28, 2014
Common Core A defining issue for GOP 2015 hopefuls

A concerned group currently with 17,968 members
Parents and Educators Against Common Core Standards

And the views of the Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina
Why North Carolina should get away from Common Core

From CBS ... April 11, 2014
NYC parents and teachers hold protests against Common Core

From FOX News...
Common Core lessons blasted for sneaking politics into elementary classrooms

From Fox News...
Common Core emerges as potent election issue for fed-up parents

From Education Action Group...
Common Core-aligned lesson teaches students to obey govenment officials, ignore individual rights

From FOX NEWS...

High cost of Common Core has states rethinking the national education standards

From FOX NEWS...
Open the floodgates? Indiana becomes first state to scrap Common Core

From Education Action Group...
Norwalk educators: Common Core will teach kids to win arguments with their parents
"We're going to teach your kids to write such wonderful arguments that you're going to lose everytime." she said.
Focus means "fewer topics learned at a much deeper level." he said, while the old books had about 123 topics, the new books have about 50, he said.

An amazingly honest report from a liberal newpaper telling us that liberals want Common Core for everyone except their children...

From The Washington Post...
Common Core backer: For public schools, it's great. For my private school, not so much

From The Blaze...(Video)
Jeb Bush launches add campaign promoting Common Core

From The Blaze...(Video)
Veteran Teacher Reveals the Shocking Intimidation She's Faced for Opposing Common Core in Tearful Testimony

From The Washington Post...
Eight Problems With Common Core Standards

From The Washington Post...
Principal: 'I Was Naive About Common Core'

From TIME...
Dad's Rant About Common Core Math Problem Goes Viral

From The Blaze...
You've Just Got to See What a 'Frustrated Parent' Wrote on Their Child's Common Core Math Assignment

From Fox News...
Common Core Insanity (Video) 

From National Review...
The Ten Dumbest Common Core Problems

Another of the super liberal publications look harshly on Common Core:

From The New York Times...
Who's Minding The Schools?
For all its impact, the Common Core is essentially an invisible empire. It doen't have a public office, a board of directors or a salaried staff. Its Web site lists neither a postal address nor a telephone number.
While we don't often agree with the Tea Party, we've concluded that there's more than a grain of truth to their concerns.

Now when a liberal rag like NYT sides with the Tea Party against the administration, Bill and Malinda Gates, Jeb Bush and a host of other elites, it is time time to take a long and studied look at Common Core. Note the Times' comment about an invisible empire and think 'Shadow Party', and you might want to check out item number seventeen in 'If This Doesn't Rock America, Nothing Will'. While there you may as well read the whole essay. It will floor you.

New York candidate for Governor tells us that his children will opt out of the Common Core tests. (Video)

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