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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


"Seek and ye shall find." Great words of advice that so very few follow. Glenn Beck, Allen West, many others and I, have long advocated "Do your research." and yet every day I see countless items posted in internet groups that are pure tripe, sensationalism, hoaxes, and blatant lies. This rubbish spreads like wildfire and is believed by so many. Those who do believe and pass on this disinformation are unwittingly aiding those who would do us harm and yet not knowing the truth they continue serving the left.

If you enjoy a hoax, if unconcerned about America's future, if untroubled by being a victim of lies, then read no farther. Everyone has the God given right to believe what they choose and to be as stupid as they want. I do not write for them. What I am going to present below is meant only for true patriots who are willing to go that extra mile in search of the truth. Finding that truth requires some effort on your part, and if you are wiling to expend that effort, then read on.

How to debunk a hoax:

First off you must become familiar with those sites that generate disinformation; they are linked below in Suggested Reading. There are others and as they are discovered I shall add them to my hall of shame. The second thing to do is ALWAYS check the date on the article that is posted on your wall or in your group. What was said a year ago, taken out of context and applied to an event occurring today is one of the favorite tools of hoax generators.

Let us try a topic from The European Union Times: Malaysia Airlines Mystery Deepens After Top Disease Experts Rushed To Indian Ocean. Ah, the plot thickens, and if you read more of the article you will learn that the U.S. Navy captured and redirected the aircraft to our secret base in Diego Garcia. So now we not only have a missing plane but find that its disappearance was due to the U.S. Navy, and we may be facing a pandemic as well. Sadly there are probably a million or more Americans who already believe this nonsense and are sharing the 'knowledge' with friends.

This is quite naturally a hoax and I shall show you how to break it. 

I use Google but I am certain that all browsers work much the same. Go to the title of an article, left click your mouse and scroll the length of the title, then right click. You should be presented with a list of options, one being to search the web for what you have just outlined. Search the web and you will probably find a great many sites posting the same thing as well. Seeing a lot of others posting this does not make it so.

There is a network of these hoax generators(HGs) that rely on each other for cover. Many, when they see so many repeats of what they are viewing, assume it to be the truth. Start looking through the list of those posting the article. If you find that Glenn Beck, Fox News, or any reputable news source is also breaking this info then it is probably on the level. If it is only posted by known HGs then reject it. Then there is another group known as agragators, such as Inagist, The Drudge Report, and so on, that simply collects everything and reposts it, with no concern for the truth.

You can also do the same search from within an article such as highlighting and searching for a quote. Again, note carefully who is repeating that quote.

My essays all contain a search window that functions in much the same manner. Enter a single word topic and you will be presented with choices about whether to search only my essays and links or go to the internet for a broader search. A multi-word search is slightly different. For instance 'World War II' will search all links for 'World', 'War', and 'II'. To narrow the field to 'World War II', the term needs to be enclosed in quotes as "World War II".

I would ask of all of my readers that before you repost the next item you encounter in a group, please run the simple procedure that I have described above.

Why am I so obsessed with truth? The answer is quite simple; Fear! We have all heard the term 'Fog of war'. That fog is the product of misinformation. That is why the military does not refer to information as 'information', but 'Intelligence'. America is in danger of becoming a battlefield and the more intel we have at our disposal the better we will be able to deal with the situation. The less intel we have the greater are our chances of succumbing to the assault from the left. That is why the left is so intent on generating so much disinformation, and those among us who unknowingly disseminate it are only playing into the hands of the enemy.

President Truman once said "The buck stops here." Let it stop with you. Post NOTHING unless you know it to be true. One other old adage is "The truth shall set you free." I plan to live free or die.

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  1. Danny,
    Thank you.
    I would assume many of us could spot a sensational story if we read and/or research for something we were looking in the first place.
    The list you have posted I am only familiar with Rense and Alex Jones, oh and Before it's news...well the last one has some desperate people, no doubt.
    Rense? I listen to couple of his interviews doing research on a subject very important to me, so I was trying to read, listen to everything and anything to make up my own opinion.
    Alex Jones...if he would make rain drops changing into gold I can not stand this guy, there is something about him that gears my nervous system into overdrive...
    Since you mentioned you separate the grain from the chaff?...
    in matters so monumental it puts in question commonly know truth for the past 80+ years?
    and "facts" we took for granted for a long, long time???
    Do we rely on our gut feeling?
    Shall we trust our government telling us what has happened?...and we know it is not the whole truth?...
    I am talking about facts and history that opposing it has been illegal in most European countries....
    you may contact me via my e-mail address as an option.
    Any help and guidance from you would be greatly appreciated.