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Saturday, April 5, 2014


19th. Century History...

  • Before the U.S. gained its independence our ships were protected by the British navy.
  • America pays tribute while preparing for war
  • 1801-1805 The First Barbary War
  • A treaty ended The First Barbary War
  • 1815 The Second Barbary War

From The Library Of Congress(The Jefferson Papers)...
America And The Barbary Pirates

From The New York Times...
Lessons From The Barbary Pirates Wars

From The City Journal...
Jefferson Versus The Muslim Pirates by Christopher Hitchens

From Wikipedia ... March 1928
Muslim Brotherhood Founded

Islam's Beginning In America

One thing has long puzzled me. I have trouble understanding why Muslims
from the Middle East leave their homes, come to America, and employing the tactics of Islam set about to turn America into a hell hole similar to the one from which they came. Such a man was Wallace D. Fard. He had a long list of aliases including Walli Farrad, Farrad Mohammed, F. Mohammed Ali, and Wallace Fard Mohammed. He was born in Mecca circa 1877. Later he migrated to Detroit where he formed the Nation of Islam and began teaching the ways of Allah and telling blacks to prepare for an inevitable race war.

In time he was joined by Elijah Mohammed who became his second in command and together they began preaching to their followers that black people are both morally and culturally superior to their white oppressors. Fard mysteriously disappeared in 1934 leaving control of the Muslim following to Elijah Mohammed.

Until Elijah Mohammed made his first appearance the black people of America were largely a devout Christian people. Mohammed set out to change that and bring Islam to America. This three minute video is an excellent place to start your understanding of the Islamization of America. Play video.

Needless to say he did frequently run afoul of the law.

From the F.B.I. ...
F.B.I. Records. The Vault

During Elijah's control of the NOI Malcolm X, a senior member, left the group and followed the mainstream teaching of Sunni
Muslims. After Elijah Mohammed died his son briefly was the leader of the NOI and changed its doctrine to also follow Sunni teachings. He was shortly deposed by Louis Farrakhan who reestablished the original intent of the NOI.

Most are familiar with the far left Southern Poverty Law Center and even they are concerned about the racist and hate policies of the NOI. Their black supremacist views are even a bit too much for the SPLC.

From Wikipedia ... August 15, 1953
Iranian Coup D'etat
Restoration of the Persian monarchy

From History Commons ... August 15, 1953
Iranian Government Overthrown by Rebels and CIA

From Wikipedia ... 1961
Palestinian Liberation Front Founded

From Wikipedia ... May 28, 1964
Palestinian Liberation Organization Founded

From Wikipedia ... September 25, 1969
Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Founded

From Wikipedia ... September 6, 1970
Dawson's Field Hijacking

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