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Saturday, April 5, 2014


Editor's Note: In the U.S. we are well aware of the left wing and Islamic agenda espoused both by Team Obama and his liberal press, but the UK is so much more in a state of denial. Their media usually refrain from the use the words like 'Muslims' or 'Islam'. They are politely referred to as 'Asians'. We all take offense of Obama's referring to the Fort Hood massacre as 'workplace violence'. The following essay from the Guardian UK is quite revealing and what is happening in England is on the way to our shores.
From The Guardian UK ... May 23, 2013
Was the Killing of a British Soldier 'Terrorism'? 
To begin with, in order for an act of violence to be "terrorism", many argue that it must deliberately target civilians.
That is intentionally misleading and politically correct. The killing of the Marines in a barracks in Beirut and the attack on the USS Cole only killed members of our military, and that was terrorism. As Islam makes further inroad into the Western culture they are redefining the meaning of our words. 
As the title of this essay implies, what is happening in the UK will soon be here, and so will the definition of 'terrorism'.

Jihad Watch ... June 29,2014
Sharia UK: Couple gets year in jail for putting bacon on mosque door handle

The Gatestone Institute ... May 14, 2014
Britain's two sets of books

The English Defense League ... May 3, 2014
The BBC, The Church of England, and the EDL

The Investigative Report On Terrorism ... April 25,2014
Experts warn more European Muslim your are radicalizing

Gatestone Institute ... April 17, 2014
UK: Probe of Islamic takeover widens

Telegraph UK...April 14
More schools to be investigated over 'extremist Muslim' plot fears

Telegraph UK...April 10
Syria is now the biggest threat to Britian's security

Arutz Sheva ... April 6
UK Muslim Brotherhood head warns ban could trigger terrorism

Birmingham Mail ... April 5, 2014
Trojan Horse probe: Teachers union demands review as Birmingham schools are investigated
Author's note...NUT is 'National Union of Teachers'.
Nut claims thousands of schools have already been taken over by religious hardliners

From Mail Online UK ... April 4, 2014
Children at secondary school 'infiltrated by Muslim extremists' listened to assembly praising Al Qaeda leader, says teachers

From BBC ... April 4, 2014
Birmingham 'Trojan Horse' plot 'started 20 years ago'

The Clarion Report ... April 2. 2014
Known Jihadi found operating elementary school in London

From The Gatestone Institute ... April 1, 2014
UK: Plot to Islamize British schools
"Whilst sometimes the practics we use may not seem the correct way to do things you must remember this is a 'Jihad' and as such using all means possible to win the war is acceptable."--Quote from document leaked to the Sunday Times 

From The Telegraph UK ... March 30, 2014
Teachers 'assaulted and marginalised in Islamising plot'

From The Telegraph UK ... March 9, 2014
Extremists and the 'Trojan Horse' approach in state schools

Birmingham Mail ... March 7, 2014
'Jihadists plot to take over Birmingham schools' 

Jihad Watch ... March 7, 2014
UK authorities investigate "Trojan Horse" Islamic takeover plot in schools

You Tube ... August 4, 2013
Muslim rape gangs target young British girls (Video)

Muslims in Europe (Video)

The Clarion Project ... July 25, 2013
Rape Epidemic In U.K. Perpetrated By Muslim Taxi Drivers

Gatestone Institute ... July 17, 2013
UK Taxi Rapes 
No woman is safe in a cab

Gatestone Institute ... July 11, 2013
Britain: Rape Jihad against children
"There isn't a town, village or hamlet in which children are not being sexually exploited."

From Elisabeth Savaditcsch-Wolff  ... (Video) ... July 11, 2013
Are British Police Enforcing Sharia Law? 

Investigative Project On Terrorism ... November 21, 2013
UK child brides victims of 'Cultural Sensitivity' 
British Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal told the ABC, "There are probably between 8,000 and 10,000 forced marriages or threats of forced marriage in the UK every year."

The Clarion Project ... May 21, 2012
Muslim child-rape gangs in Britain

Jihad Watch ...May 9, 2012
UK: Police didn't investigate Muslim rape and prostitution gang for fear of being called racist

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