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Thursday, April 17, 2014


The Clarion Project ... July 22, 2014
Damning New Report on 'Trojan Horse' Scandal Released

The Clarion Project ... July 17, 2014
Returning Jihadis Creating Security Nightmare in UK

Fox News ... July 17, 2014
Malaysia Airlines passenger jet shot down over Ukraine, 295 dead

Jihad Watch ... July 15, 2014
German police fear Muslims: "I hope I get out of here in one piece"

Jihad Watch ... July 15, 2014
Somali convert in Sweden: Sweden might experience a bloody civil war

Jihad Watch ... July 13, 2014
Paris: Savage anti-Israel rioters trap hundred of Jews in synagogue

Jihad Watch ... July 13, 2014
France: "Palestinian" Muslims riot outside synagogue

The Algemeiner (Israel) ... July 13, 2014
Violent anti-Jewish riots rock Paris; activists say 'French Jews are in serious danger (Video)

Fox News ... July 7, 2014
Pro-Russia rebels in eastern Ukraine reportedly prepare last stand in Donetsk

Jihad Watch ... June 29,2014
Sharia UK: Couple gets year in jail for putting bacon on mosque door handle

Gatestone Institute ... June 30, 2014
EU, U.S., funding incentives to kill Jews

The Clarion Project ... June 18, 2014
UK re-establishes diplomatic relations with Iran

Breitbart ... June 18, 2014
Cameron: ISIS planning to attack Britain

Jihad Watch ... June 17, 2014
More UK citizens signed up for jihad in Iraq and Syria than joined Army Reserve

The Washington Post ... June 17, 2014
European countries are selling arms to Russia while condemning it over Ukraine

Jihad Watch ... May 30, 2014
Swedish Police: "Muslim terrorists a huge threat...We haven't seen anything like this before"

The Algemeiner ... May 26, 2014
Jewish groups concerned over far-right surge in European Union Parliamentary elections

Fox News ... May 19, 2014
Putin orders troops near Ukraine border to return home, Kremlin says

Gatestone Institute ... May 15, 2014
Dutch Jihadists in Syria pose threat to Netherlands

Navy Times May 2, 2014
Judge: U.K. detention policy in Afghanistan is unlawful

Gatestone Institute May 1, 2014
France launches Anti-Jihadist plan

Bloomberg May 1, 2014
U.S. signals Putin that any move on NATO nations risks war

Military Times ... April 23, 2014
First soldiers from 173rd arrive in Poland

Arutz Sheva ... April 18, 2014
EU focuses pressure on Israel to make concessions, restart talks

NATO ... April 17, 2014
Who are the men behind the masks (Ukraine)

Fox News ... April 17, 2014
Putin stresses right to use force in Ukraine amid deadly clashes at base

USA Today ... April 17, 2014
Jews ordered to register in East Ukraine

Telegraph UK ... April 16, 2014
Eu elections: Marine Le Pen and Geert Wilders 'on track to form far-Right bloc of 38 MPs'

Defense News ... April 16, 2014
Poland wants larger NATO, U.S. presence

Telegraph UK...April 14, 2014
More schools to be investigated over 'extremist Muslim' plot fears

Frontpage Mag ... April 14, 2014
Britain's Jihadists Within

Gatestone Institute ... April 14, 2014
U.S. Government Promoting Islam in Czech Republic

Front Page Mag ... April 11, 2014
Sweden's Totalitarian Face

Telegraph UK ... April 10, 2014
Syria is now the biggest threat to Britian's security

You Tube ...
Muslims in Europe (Video)

Gatestone Institute ... March 6, 2014
U.S. Government Actively Promoting Islam in Europe


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