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Monday, July 28, 2014


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The Clarion Project ... June 30, 2014
ISIS declares Caliphate and demands loyalty from all Muslims

Gatestone Institute ... June 30, 2014
EU, U.S., funding incentives to kill Jews

Jihad Watch ... June 30,2014
Iraq: Five Christians, including two nuns, missing, feared kidnapped by Muslims

Frontpage Mag ... June 30, 2014
Muslims stone ambulance carrying bodies of three teens murdered by Hamas

Breitbart ... June 30, 2014
White House's 'Condolences' for murdered Israeli teens will not be enough

The Algemeiner (Israel) ... June 30, 2014
Netanyahu says Hamas responsible for teen's deaths; terror group threatens to open 'Gates of Hell' if Israel strikes.

Arutz Sheva (Israel) June 30, 2014
Obama condemns murders, calls to not 'destabilize' the situation

Breitbart ... June 30, 2014
Obama vows to unilaterally change as many laws as he can

The Algemeiner (Israel) ... June 30, 2014 
ISIS now operating openly in Gaza

Breitbart ... June 29, 2014
ISIS declares new state out of captured Iraqi,Syrian territories 

Fox News ... June 29, 2014
Pelosi calls surge of illegal immigrant children an 'Opportunity'

The Center For Security Policy ... June 27, 2014
Here comes the Third Intifada against Israel

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
ISIL staged 'Mass Executions' in Iraq's Tikrit

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
Report: American born workers struggle to compete with immigrants

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
Official Al Qaeda unit in Syria joins ISIL

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
EPA spending 1.6 million on hotel for 'Environmental Justice' conference

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
Congress to cut key U.S. missile defense system

Breitbart ... June 26, 2014
Obama seeks $500 million to train, equip 'Moderate' Syrian rebels

The Investigative Project on Terrorism  ... June 26, 2014
Emboldened ISIS threatens Americans

The Gatestone Institute ... June 26, 2014
Hamas prepares for war as Abbas talks peace

MRC ... June 25, 2014
Leaked Lib Megadonor Doc: 'Fundamentally change our current political system'

Fox News ... June 25, 2014
Syrian warplane airstrikes kill at least 50 in Iraq, authorities say

CNN ... June 24, 2014
VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle blower says

Washington Free Beacon ... June 23, 2014
Iran sponsored ISIL founder, sheltered him from U.S.

The Algemeiner (Israel) ... June 23, 2014
Former KKK Grand Wizard congratulates Presbyterian Church USA on Israel divestment vote

Breitbart ... June 23, 2014
Border Patrol: Feds will drop illegals in Ca 'When no one's paying attention'

Breitbart ... June 23, 2014
Iraqi military runs out of ammo as strategic border towns fall to ISIS

Breitbart ... June 23, 2014
Doctors warn of looming health crisis due to flood of young illegal immigrants

Breitbart ... June 22, 2014
Jeff Sessions: Pro Amnesty elites treat people as commodities

Judicial Watch ... June 20, 2014
Spain arrests freed Gitmo captive running Jihadist recruitment network

Breitbart ... June 20, 2014
ISIS announces its next attack

Breitbart ... June 20, 2014
Valerie Jarrett, Rupert Murdoch break bread and talk immigration reform strategy

The Clarion Project ... June 18, 2014
UK re-establishes diplomatic relations with Iran

Washington Free Beacon ... June 18, 2004
Study: Right to work states booming, forced unionization states busting

Breitbart ... June 18, 2014
Border Patrol union official: Border 'Most porous that it's ever been', Fed numbers inaccurate

Breitbart ... June 18, 2014
Texas led border security surge 'imminent'

Breitbart ... June 18, 2014
Cameron: ISIS planning to attack Britain

The Clarion Project June 17, 2014
New studies assess increased terror threat from Jihadis

The Washington Post ... June 17, 2014
European countries are selling arms to Russia while condemning it over Ukraine

Jihad Watch ... June 17, 2014
More UK citizens signed up for jihad in Iraq and Syria than joined Army Reserve

Fox News ... June 16, 2014
State Department warned Iran was aiding Iraq militias, now weighs possible alliance

Fox News ... June 16, 2014
'Wave of Humanity': Border Patrol overwhelmed by illegal immigrants

Washington Free Beacon ... June 16. 2014
State Dept. ignored warnings of Iranian efforts to destabilize Iraq

Washington Free Beacon ... June 16. 2014
Senior DHS adviser: 'Inevitable that Caliphate returns'

The Heritage Foundation ... June 2014
Export-Import Bank: Cronyism threatens American Jobs

The Clarion Project ... June 15, 2014
ISIS takeover in Iraq: Biggest Islamic victory since 911

New York Times ... June 15, 2014
Militants claim mass execution of Iraqi forces

Arutz Sheva (Israel) ... June 15, 2014
Iron Dome intercepts rockets over Ashkelon

Arutz Sheva (Israel) ... June 15, 2014
PLO accuses Netanyahu of 'terrorism'

Army Times ... June 15, 2014
U.S. evacuating embassy staff as bombs, fighting rock Iraq

Mail Online (UK) ... June 14, 2014
Known gang members among thousands of illegal immigrant children storming the U.S. border and officials are now trying to silence officers from talking to the media

The Washington Times ... June 14, 2014
Obama: Tea Party's views on climate change 'a serious threat to everybody's future'

Breitbart ... June 14, 2014
Father's Day: Obama vacations in despite Iraq, Ukraine, Immigration crisis

The Blaze ... June 14, 2014
A Jihadist's parting words: "I'll see you guys in New York"

Breitbart ... June 14, 2014
Palin on border crisis: Congress lacks guts to impeach 'Tyrant' Obama over lawlessness

The Blaze ... June 11, 2014
The most dangerous division of Eric Holder's DOJ that you have never heard of

The Clarion Project ... June 13, 2014
Rand study finds: Number of Jihadist doubled since 2010

The Washington Times ... June 11, 2014
Presidential Appeasement

The Hill ... June 10, 2014
Biden: We  need a 'constant unrelenting stream of immigrants'

Breitbart ... June 10, 2014
Illegal immigrants intentionally surrendering to Border Patrol to gain admittance to U.S.

Breitbart ... June 10, 2014
White House admits Border crossing is 'larger than we anticipated'

Breitbart ... June 10, 2014
The Cantor story that caught the political world by surprise

America's Survival ... June 9, 2014
Obama may free Cuban spies and terrorists

Fox News ... June 8, 2014
Arizona sends supplies to illegal immigrant children "dumped" in warehouse

Arutz Sheva (Israel) ... June 6, 2014
Susan Rice hints U.S. providing weapons to Syrian rebels

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
Bergdahl's hometown cancels 'Welcome Home' amid questions

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
Administration bypassed intel community to pursue Bergdahl trade, shelved ransom plan

Washington Free Beacon ... June 4, 2014
America in retreat U.S. vacates base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises

PJ Media ... June 3, 2014
Seattle declares war on small business with $15 dollars an hour minimum wage

Fox News ... June 2, 2014
Intelligence community investigated Bergdahl's conduct

Breitbart ... June 2, 2014
168 times released Gitmo detainees returned to terror

Fox News ... June 1, 2014
Obama to announce controversial emissions limit on power plants

The Independent (UK) ... June 1, 2014
If you recognize Palestinian government you support terrorism, Benjamin Netanyahu tells world leaders

Trevor Louden's New Zeal Blog (Terresa Monroe- Hamilton) ... June 1, 2014
War is Peace...Citizens are the enemy

The Algemeiner ... June 1, 2014
Formation of Palestinian unity government to be announced on Monday

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