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Monday, July 28, 2014


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Arutz Sheva...March 30
Israel's Response To Hezbollah's Golan Attack: Shoot On Sight

Arutz Sheva...March 30
Israel Refuses Last Terrorist Release

Accuracy In Media...March 29
Obama Downplays Russian Threat

Arutz Sheva...March 29
Netanyahu Told Kerry: Prisoner Release Could Topple Government

LA Times...March 29
China Looks Abroad For Greener Pastures

USA Today...March 29
No Guns, Just Knives, Chilling Details of China's 911

Washington Times...March 28
Powder Keg: Russia Putting 80,000 Troops Outside Ukraine

Investigative Project On Terrorism...March 28
Hamas Impose Radical New Law: Lashings, Amputations, and Massive Executions

GOPUSA...March 28
A whole lot of Democrat corruption going on

New American...March 28
United States providing free high tech military equipment to Russia

From CNN...March 28
9 Air Force commanders fired from jobs over nuclear missile test cheating

Front Page Mag...March 27
UN appoints Muslim OIC chair to investigate Israel

Breitbart...March 27
Caliifornia Democrat's Arms Trafficking Scheme Linked To Islamic Rebels

Fox News...March 27
More Indications Russia Could Invade Ukraine

Stars And Stripes...March 27
U.S. Can't Conduct Amphibious Operations In Pacific

Washington Free Beacon...March 27
Russian Troop Movement Near Eastern Ukraine Trigger Fear Of immenant Invasion

Front Page Mag...March 27
Russian Bear Rising

Washington Free Beacon...March 27
China waging 'Three Warfares' against U.S. Pentagon says

International Project on Terrorism...March 26
State Department Silent About Ayatollah's Holocaust Denial

The Blaze...March 26
The Budapest Agreement (Video)

The Blaze...March 26
Poland and Russia (Video)

EPA Abuse...March 25
US electricty system caught in regulatory and terrorist crosshairs

Fox News March...25
Obama lands in Europe and announces he is gutting the US military

Fox News March...25
Military Expert: Russia will move into eastern Ukraine and beyond

Wall Street Journal...March 25
Ukraine Battles To Rebuild Depleted Military

From CNN...March 25
Japan Agrees To Turn Over All Nuclear Material To The U.S. 

National Review...March 24
SEIU Uses Federal Inspections to Target Houston Small Business

GLORIA Center...March 24
New Sunni Insurgency In Iraq

GLORIA Center...March 24
Israel-Syria Border Escalation 

Free Beacon...March 24
Obama To Kill Hellfire Missile Programs

Islamic Law Is Adopted By British Legal Chiefs March 24

Arutz Sheva
Egyptian Court Sentences 529 Morsi Supporters To Death March 24

The Algemeiner...March 23
Arab League Prepares To Reject Israel As A Jewish State

Free Beacon...
March 23
House leaders seek GAO probe of State Department failure to report Russian nuclear treaty violations

The Telegraph UK...March 22
Muslim extremists, and a worrying lesson for us all 

Fox News...
March 22
Billionaire Koch brothers emerge as Senate Democrat' top 2014 target 

Fox News...March 22
Senate Dems join House in pressing Obama again about final Iran nuclear deal

Breitbart..  March 22

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