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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


This website has a built in search feature for your convenience and a variety of search patterns depending on your needs. Every page will have either a small search window or one that spans the width of the page. Both function exactly the same.

To search a single topic, such as Obama simply enter that word and if any essay that I have written mentions him then those selections will appear in groups of four. Any further essays will be shown below in numbered sequence. The next search pattern available is other sites that I am linked to, my latest essays, archives, and the web.

The above covers the simplest search pattern. The use of two or more words changes the format and results. Entering United Nations will bring up such diverse topics as the UN, United States, United Airlines, Arab nations, and western nations, as the search procedure address each word, thus seeking two topics at once. To exclude all but the UN in your search it is necessary to enter "United Nations" in quotes.

It is really quite simple. With but a little practice you will be able to find anything on the internet.

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