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Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Years of extensive research and writing has resulted in my collecting a massive amount of data that I must admit was somewhat less than organized. Unacceptable! To that end I concluded that I had to get it under control and in doing so have put my results into a library format accessible by my readers. I have written on everything from corrupt government, to public unrest, to communism and Progressivism, the danger that Islam presents, and the horrors it has left in its wake.

The index will be listed in alphabetical order and will come in several different flavors. My collected writing on any given topic have been shown with  CW  following the listing. Each of those link will contain a variety of links to the topic discussed if you are inclined to do your own reseasrch. Different links to the same topic will be identified as  Topical  . Those will in turn lead to more information and additional links. There are several topics that have been presented as photo essays, collected videos, and a time line of events of Progessivism, and Islam. There is also a newsreel format of current news on a variety of topics. Should anyone like I can add additional topics if appropriate, just leave a comment.

To proceed to the Library click this link.

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