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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Jihad Watch ... July 23, 2014
Libya: Islamic jihadists resume assault on international airport, all flights halted

Jihad Watch ... July 23, 2014
Islamic State “no longer a terrorist organization. It is a full-blown army.”

The Clarion Project ... July 22, 2014
Iran, Russia Scooping Up Disgruntled U.S. Allies

The Clarion Project ... July 16, 2014
Arab World Holds Hamas Responsible in Latest Conflict

Washington Free Beacon ... July 16. 2014
Experts: U.S. withdrawal from Iraq emboldened Iran

Jihad Watch ... July 16, 2014
Islamic jihadists call for jihad attack on US Open

The Clarion Project ... July 16, 2014
Arab World Holds Hamas Responsible in Latest Conflict

Reuters ... July 16. 2014
Iraqi forces withdrawn from militant held Tikrit after new push

Israel Hayom ... July 16, 2014
Why Hamas wants an invasion

The Clarion Project ... July 15, 2014
Iranians flying Russian planes in covert ops in Iraq

Gatestone Institute ... July 13, 2014
Egyptians hoping Israel will destroy Hamas

The Algemeiner (Israel) ... July 11, 2014
United Nations: Most Gaza Casualties Were Warned by IDF to Leave Targeted Buildings in Advance

The Clarion Project ... July 10, 2014
Iraq: Massive Exodus leaving Christians on the brink of extinction

Palestinian Media Watch ... July 7, 2014
Fatah to Israelis: Prepare body bags

Jihad Watch ... July 3, 2014
Saudi Arabia sending 30,000 troops to Iraq border

The Clarion Project ... June 30, 2014
ISIS declares Caliphate and demands loyalty from all Muslims

The Algemeiner (Israel) ... June 30, 2014 
ISIS now operating openly in Gaza

Jihad Watch ... June 30,2014
Iraq: Five Christians, including two nuns, missing, feared kidnapped by Muslims

Breitbart ... June 29, 2014
ISIS declares new state out of captured Iraqi,Syrian territories 

The Investigative Project on Terrorism  ... June 26, 2014
Emboldened ISIS threatens Americans

Fox News ... June 25, 2014
Syrian warplane airstrikes kill at least 50 in Iraq, authorities say

Washington Free Beacon ... June 23, 2014
Iran sponsored ISIL founder, sheltered him from U.S.

Breitbart ... June 26, 2014
Obama seeks $500 million to train, equip 'Moderate' Syrian rebels

Breitbart ... June 23, 2014
Iraqi military runs out of ammo as strategic border towns fall to ISIS

Breitbart ... June 20, 2014
ISIS announces its next attack

Washington Free Beacon ... June 16. 2014
State Dept. ignored warnings of Iranian efforts to destabilize Iraq

Fox News ... June 16, 2014
State Department warned Iran was aiding Iraq militias, now weighs possible alliance

The Clarion Project ... June 15, 2014
ISIS takeover in Iraq: Biggest Islamic victory since 911

New York Times ... June 15, 2014
Militants claim mass execution of Iraqi forces

Army Times ... June 15, 2014
U.S. evacuating embassy staff as bombs, fighting rock Iraq

The Clarion Project ... June 13, 2014
Rand study finds: Number of Jihadist doubled since 2010

Arutz Sheva (Israel) ... June 6, 2014
Susan Rice hints U.S. providing weapons to Syrian rebels

The Algemeiner ... June 1, 2014
Formation of Palestinian unity government to be announced on Monday

Front Page Mag ... May  27, 2014
Pope Francis: Mahmoud Abbas is a "Man of peace" (By Robert Spencer)

Washington Free Beacon ... May 27, 2014
GOP lawmakers, foreign policy experts blast troop withdrawal announcement

Washington Free Beacon ... May 19, 2014
U.S. -armed Syrian rebel groups seeks 'All Syrian land occupied by Israel

Reuters ... May 13, 2014
Slow progress in IAEA investigation may complicate Iran nuclear talks

Front Page Mag ... May 4, 2014
State Dept. admits Libya has become a terrorist safe haven

Daily Mail UK ... May 4, 2014
Libyan Parliament picks new PM after disputed vote
(Hint: He is backed by the Muslim Brotherhood)

Frontpage Mag ... May 3, 2014
Iraq now directly involved in Syrian civil war

Washington Free Beacon ... May 2, 2014
Saudi Arabia shows off Chinese Missiles

Jihad Watch ... May 2, 2014
FBI: Flow of foreign Jihadis, including Americans, into Syria growing

Washington Free Beacon ... April 29, 2014
Bolton: Obama White House has the most hostile relationship with Israel of any American Presidency

Washington Free Beacon ... April 23, 2014
New Palestinian government refuses to renounce violence

Arutz Sheva ... April 23, 2014
Israel cancels talks with PA after Hamas-Fatah deal

The Investigative Project On Terrorism ... April 22, 2014
New Israeli satellite eyes Iran nuke program, terrorist arms smuggling

Fox News ... April 19, 2014
US arms Syrian rebels with advanced antitank missiles after peace talks fail

Arutz Sheva ... April 19, 2014
Upping the ante? Iran fits destroyers with new cruise missiles

Arutz Sheva ... April 18, 2014
EU focuses pressure on Israel to make concessions, restart talks

Mail Online UK ... April 17, 2014
Is this brazen meeting of hundreds of al-Qaeda leaders a sign they are planning a new round of terrorist attacks?

Arutz Sheva ... April 16, 2014
First documented use of US anti-tank weapons by Syrian rebels

From Reuters...April 9
U.S, warns on Iran 'breakout' capability as nuclear talks start

Front Page Mag...April 8
29 Muslim terrorists accidentally blow themselves up

Front Page Mag...April 7
Al Qaeda Terrorist Freed from Gitmo Finally Blown Away in Syria

Arutz Sheva...March 30
Israel's Response To Hezbollah's Golan Attack: Shoot On Sight

Arutz Sheva...March 30
Israel Refuses Last Terrorist Release

Arutz Sheva...March 29
Netanyahu Told Kerry: Prisoner Release Could Topple Government

Front Page Mag...March 27
UN appoints Muslim OIC chair to investigate Israel

GLORIA Center...March 24
New Sunni Insurgency In Iraq

GLORIA Center...March 24
Israel-Syria Border Escalation 

The Algemeiner...March 23
Arab League Prepares To Reject Israel As A Jewish State

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