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Saturday, May 3, 2014


Jihad Watch ... July 8, 2014
Afghanistan: Islamic jihadist murder 11 students, four U.S. soldiers

Reuters ... July 2, 2014
U.S. Military to face growing crises, falling budgets

Washington Free Beacon ... June 27, 2014
Congress to cut key U.S. missile defense system

CNN ... June 24, 2014
VA deaths covered up to make statistics look better, whistle blower says

Fox News ... June 4, 2014
Administration bypassed intel community to pursue Bergdahl trade, shelved ransom plan

Washington Free Beacon ... June 4, 2014
America in retreat U.S. vacates base in Central Asia as Russia's clout rises

Fox News ... June 2, 2014
Intelligence community investigated Bergdahl's conduct

Breitbart ... June 2, 2014
168 time released Gitmo detainees returned to terror

The New American ... May 30, 2014
Biden challenges Air Force Academy grads to shape "A new World Order"

Washington Free Beacon ... May 30, 2014
Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki resigns

Washington Times ... May 28, 2014
Inside the Ring: Memo outlines Obama's plan to use the military against citizens

Fox News ... May 28, 2014
Obama signals reset in U.S. foreign policy, urges against military adventures

Fox News ... May 23, 2014
Al Qaeda terrorists at Guantanamo treated better than our vets

Army Times ... May 19, 2014
White House threatens veto of defense bill

Defense News ... May 17, 2014
DoD Research Chief: High cost of weapons threaten security

Federal Times ... May 14, 2014
Air Force: More than 20 percent staff cut in one year

Washington Times ... May 12, 2014
Air Force plan to strip Generals of authority

Washington Free Beacon May 3, 2014
General Lovell: Military assets not sent to Benghazi out of deference to Clinton State Dept.

Army Times ... May 3, 2014
Army launches new incentives to quit active, join Reserves

Army Times ... May 3, 2014
DoD pushes forward on pay, benefits cut

Navy Times ... May 2, 2014
Hagel: Idea of permanent peace in Europe is gone

Washington Free Beacon May 2, 2014
Whistleblower: Phoenix VA hospital destroying evidence

Foreign Policy ... May 1, 2014
Defense Intelligence Agency' Flynn leaving after rocky tenure

Foreign Policy ... May 1, 2014
The Military's top spy will be a woman

Army Times ... May 1, 2014
BCT Commander at 82nd relieved for a 'single incident'

Military Times ... April 23, 2014
First soldiers from 173rd arrive in Poland

Defense News ... April 22, 2014
DoD details planned cuts if budget caps remain

FOX News...April 13, 2014
Marines, Army Prepare Women For Combat

Washington Times ... April 9, 2014
Army goes to war with National Guard, seizes Apache attack helicopters

The Washington Times...April 5, 2014
Purging America's Military

The Blaze...April 2, 2014
Fort Hood Shooting: Soldier Opens Fire, Killing 3 and wounding 16

Fox News March...25
Obama lands in Europe and announces he is gutting the US military

Military ... February 3, 2014
American tanks return to Europe after brief leave ...

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